Which are the top 10 most lucrative casino heists in history?

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1. Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas (2000) – $160 million: A gang of highly skilled thieves, known as the “Bellagio Bunch,” stole more than $160 million in cash and chips from the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas.

2. CityCenter, Las Vegas (2010) – $115 million: One of the largest casino heists ever, a group of thieves using inside information stole $115 million worth of chips from the CityCenter in Las Vegas.

3. Banco Central, Fortaleza, Brazil (2005) – $70 million: In one of the most audacious heists in history, a group of thieves dug a tunnel that stretched more than 250 feet to break into the Banco Central vault and stole approximately $70 million.

4. Stardust Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas (1992) – $42 million: A team of ex-gangsters orchestrated an inside job, stealing $42 million from the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

5. Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia (2013) – $32 million: Using the casino’s own surveillance system, an international syndicate managed to steal $32 million in an elaborate high-tech heist.

6. Casino Pauma, California (2007) – $10 million: A group of robbers armed with pepper spray stormed the Casino Pauma and stole approximately $10 million in chips.

7. Ritz Casino, London (2004) – $2 million: A gang of thieves used an electronic device to cheat the roulette wheel at the Ritz Casino, making off with around $2 million.

8. Stardust Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas (1994) – $500,000: Another heist at the Stardust Casino involved two casino employees stealing around $500,000 using a counterfeit cash scam.

9. Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas (1971) – $500,000: A gang of robbers stole approximately $500,000 from the Horseshoe Casino using a bomb threat and diversion tactics.

10. Banco Nacional, Montevideo, Uruguay (2010) – $300,000: Using a series of tunnels, a criminal gang managed to break into the Banco Nacional in Uruguay and stole around $300,000.

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