Who are the top 10 most famous gambling cheaters in history?

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1. Richard Marcus – Known for his expertise in manipulating casino table games, especially roulette and blackjack.
2. Edward Thorp – A mathematician who developed card counting techniques for blackjack and wrote the influential book “Beat the Dealer”.
3. Phil Ivey – A professional poker player, famous for exploiting imperfections in card design to gain an unfair advantage in baccarat.
4. Tommy Glenn Carmichael – An inventor of various cheating devices, primarily known for his work with slot machines.
5. Monique Laurent – A Frenchwoman who, along with her brother, managed to cheat several casinos by using a hidden computer to predict roulette outcomes.
6. Keith Taft – An engineer who designed various hidden electronic devices to gain an edge in blackjack and other casino games.
7. Ron Harris – Worked as a computer programmer for the Nevada Gaming Control Board and used his knowledge to create a video poker cheating device.
8. Dennis Nikrasch – A former locksmith who used his skills to hack into slot machines and manipulate their outcomes.
9. Mumbles – The alias for a group of cheaters who used advanced card marking techniques to win at blackjack in the 1970s.
10. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo – A Spanish man who developed a system to exploit flawed roulette wheels and won millions in multiple casinos.

Please note that while these individuals have been associated with gambling cheating, it is important to recognize that cheating in gambling is illegal and frowned upon.

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