Who are the top 10 most renowned gamblers in sports history?

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While it is difficult to narrow down the list of the top 10 most renowned gamblers in sports history, here are ten individuals who have been associated with gambling:

1. Pete Rose: A former professional baseball player, Rose holds the record for the most hits in Major League Baseball history. However, he was banned from the sport for life due to his involvement in gambling activities, including betting on his own team.

2. Michael Jordan: Widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, Jordan has been known for his fondness for gambling, often wagering large sums of money on various sports, including golf.

3. Archie Karas: A Greek-American professional gambler, Karas is famous for his epic gambling run from 1992 to 1995. Starting with $50, he amassed over $40 million by playing high-stakes poker and pool.

4. Art Schlichter: A former NFL quarterback, Schlichter struggled with gambling addiction throughout his career. His involvement in illegal gambling activities eventually led to his banishment from professional football.

5. Charles Barkley: An NBA Hall of Famer, Barkley has been open about his gambling habits, particularly his love for high-stakes blackjack. Despite losing millions of dollars over the years, he claims that it is a form of entertainment for him.

6. Allen Iverson: Known for his flashy playing style in the NBA, Iverson has also had a reputation for gambling. However, his gambling issues have not reached the same level of controversy as some others on this list.

7. John Daly: A professional golfer, Daly has admitted to losing between $50 to $60 million over his gambling career. His love for casinos and sports betting has often overshadowed his achievements on the golf course.

8. Billy Walters: A well-known professional sports bettor, Walters made a fortune through sports gambling. He was involved in several legal battles related to insider trading and illegal sports betting activities.

9. Dan Gilbert: Although not an athlete himself, Gilbert is included in this list due to his significant influence in the sports betting industry. He is the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team and co-founder of Quicken Loans and the gambling platform, Jack Entertainment.

10. Brian Urlacher: A retired NFL linebacker, Urlacher made headlines regarding gambling after he was sued by a Las Vegas casino for allegedly failing to repay a $160,000 debt.

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