What are the top 10 casino games with the lowest house edge?

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Here are the top 10 casino games with the lowest house edge:

1. Blackjack – The house edge can be as low as 0.5% if played with optimal strategy.
2. Video Poker – Certain variations of video poker have a house edge of around 0.5% or lower, depending on the specific game and strategy used.
3. Baccarat – The house edge for the banker bet is about 1.06%, while the player bet has a slightly higher edge of 1.24%.
4. Craps – The house edge varies depending on the specific bets made, but some bets such as the Pass/Don’t Pass or Come/Don’t Come bets have a low house edge of around 1.4%.
5. Pai Gow Poker – With optimal strategy, the house edge in Pai Gow Poker can be as low as 1.46%.
6. French Roulette – Unlike American Roulette, French Roulette has a single zero, giving it a lower house edge of around 1.35%.
7. Three Card Poker – The house edge can be as low as 1.5% with optimal strategy.
8. Casino War – Despite its simplicity, Casino War offers a relatively low house edge of around 2.88%.
9. Texas Hold’em Poker – The house edge in Texas Hold’em Poker can be minimized through strategic play and the use of proper betting techniques.
10. Spanish 21 – This blackjack variation offers different rules that result in a relatively low house edge, depending on the specific casino and rules applied.

Please note that these percentages can vary depending on the specific rules and strategies employed, as well as the individual casino.

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