Which are the top 10 gambling documentaries everyone should watch?

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1. “The Gambler” (2017) – This documentary explores the life of professional poker player and gambling addict, Phil Ivey.
2. “Rounders” (1998) – Although a fictional film, it provides an in-depth portrayal of the underground world of high-stakes poker.
3. “The Best of It” (2016) – This documentary takes an intimate look at the lives of professional sports bettors and the challenges they face.
4. “The Player: Secrets of a Vegas Whale” (2019) – Follow the journey of a professional gambler who becomes a “whale” at Las Vegas casinos.
5. “Inside The Edge: A Professional Blackjack Adventure” (2019) – This film delves into the life of a card counter and his attempt to beat the odds in blackjack.
6. “Betting on Zero” (2016) – A documentary that investigates the controversial world of multi-level marketing company Herbalife and the financial risks involved.
7. “KidPoker” (2015) – Follow the life story of famous professional poker player Daniel Negreanu, his trials, and triumphs.
8. “Broke” (2012) – This ESPN 30 for 30 documentary explores the financial struggles faced by professional athletes who lost their fortunes through gambling.
9. “The Queen of Versailles” (2012) – Although not strictly about gambling, this film showcases the ups and downs of the billionaire Siegel family, including their ventures in the casino industry.
10. “The Rise and Fall of a Gambling Tycoon” (2018) – This documentary tells the story of Stanley Ho, the man credited with transforming Macau into the gambling capital it is today.

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