Who are the top 10 athletes who have lost fortunes in gambling?

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While it is difficult to determine the exact rankings, here are 10 athletes who have lost substantial fortunes due to their gambling habits:

1. Michael Jordan – The basketball legend was known for his immense gambling habit and has reportedly lost millions of dollars on various occasions.
2. Charles Barkley – Barkley, another NBA great, has admitted to losing around $10 million in gambling over the years.
3. Allen Iverson – Despite his incredible talent on the basketball court, Iverson struggled with gambling issues and is said to have lost a significant amount of money.
4. Pete Rose – Rose, a former Major League Baseball player, was banned from the sport due to betting on games, which ultimately led to him losing a substantial fortune.
5. Art Schlichter – A former NFL quarterback, Schlichter’s severe gambling addiction caused him to lose millions of dollars and ultimately ruined his career.
6. John Daly – Although primarily known for his skills in golf, Daly is infamous for his heavy gambling habits, which have resulted in significant losses throughout his career.
7. Floyd Mayweather Jr. – While Mayweather is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time and has earned substantial wealth, he is also known for his extravagant gambling and has lost millions in some instances.
8. Harry Kakavas – Though not an athlete, Kakavas was a wealthy Australian real estate salesman who lost over AU$1 billion (approximately US$770 million) in Australian casinos due to his gambling addiction.
9. Antoine Walker – The former NBA player earned millions during his career but lost a significant portion due to gambling and poor financial decisions.
10. Terrence Watanabe – Watanabe, a businessman and high roller, lost around $127 million during a year-long gambling spree in Las Vegas.

It is important to acknowledge that these individuals faced personal struggles with gambling addiction, and their losses are a result of their compulsive behavior rather than just their athletic careers.

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